About Joe McGuire Design

Joe McGuire Design is a full-service interior design firm based in Boulder and Aspen, Colorado. Our mission is to enhance people's lives by creating thoughtful and luxurious home interiors that exude warmth, personality and style, in a relaxed and natural way. 

Founded in Aspen in 2005 by Joe McGuire, our work has been featured in numerous publications. We have become known as a go-to design firm in Aspen, Denver and Boulder for high-end contemporary interiors that are timeless and cosmopolitan in design, comfortable in feel, and sumptuous in detail.

Over the years, we have completed homes for highly satisfied clients at some of the most prominent addresses in Aspen, Denver and Boulder. And in recent years we have taken on projects in Chicago and San Francisco. Although we call Boulder and Aspen home, we are design nomads, traveling the world to find unique aesthetic inspirations, artisans and craftspeople. 

Building upon our personal backgrounds in meditation, energy work and intuitive arts, we bring a uniquely holistic approach to the design process. We are passionate about creating spaces that are not only beautiful and comfortable, but spaces that truly feel good and that support personal growth and well-being on all levels.

With our team of six skilled designers and drafters, we are capable of handling projects large and small, and producing efficient, accurate and innovative concepts, drawings and specifications. We are well-versed with the complexities of new construction and extensive remodels, and we love collaborating with clients, architects and builders to create exceptional homes, on-time and on-budget.


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"warmth, personality & style in a relaxed & natural way"


Have you ever noticed that certain spaces just feel good?

There is a balance of light, color, pattern, texture, function and flow. There is a unique warmth of character, story, history and personal vision that shines through every detail. 

And there is a certain magic that naturally invites you to sit back, kick off your shoes, daydream, unwind, reconnect, and then head back out into the world refreshed.

At Joe McGuire Design, we believe good design is timeless, priceless, good for the environment, good for the soul, and - in our accelerating world - more essential than ever.


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What setting will the stories of your life be written within? 


For many of us, relaxed, unscheduled time with friends and loved ones seems increasingly hard to find in the rush of modern life. 

And when we do find those cherished moments of shared connection or restorative time alone, it makes such a difference when our living spaces are thoughtfully and intuitively designed to uplift and enhance the quality of our moment-by-moment experience.

Through decades of honing our craft and attuning ourselves to the subtleties of spaces, we have found that when interiors are not just beautiful, but infused with a sense of serenity, comfort, artfulness and soul, they naturally draw us into the moment together - and make such moments easier to savor, enjoy and remember.

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